Subtle energy system

Diagram of the subtle energy system at the moment of Kundalini rising: 

Subtle energy system ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎(version March 2017)‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

The Nadis move as spirals that intersect at chakras. Two Nadis move upward (Sushumna and Pingala). One Nadi, Ida, moves downward. The spirals formed by the three Nadis are of different amplitudes: the inner nadi (Sushumna) has the smallest, whereas the outer Nadi, Pingala, has the largest amplitude. These three Nadis intertwine as the separate fibers of a rope. These Nadis are within the human spine.

The central, innermost Nadi, colored white, is the Sushumna Nadi. The second Nadi, colored blue, is the Ida Nadi or the left channel. The third Nadi, colored yellow, is the Pingala Nadi, the right channel, the outermost Nadi.

Upper right: The white (Sushumna), blue (Ida) and yellow (Pingala) concentric circles represent the three Nadis, shown here in transverse section at a given chakra. The yellow-colored circle that encloses the blue-colored circle and whose perimeters pass through the center of the Sushumna Nadi represent the right and left aspect, respectively, of a chakra while Kundalini is rising. This is the condition of a healthy chakra, because more strings of Kundalini can pass through. Below in a less-than-healthy chakra, the left and right aspects have moved apart, and only one strand of Kundalini can pass through both, left (blue) and right (yellow).

Each of the three Nadis has 21 channels within (see diagram below).

Note that the third chakra from bottom is the Swadisthana.

One may read and listen to the words of Shri Mataji, below, to confirm the truth of the diagram presented above.

Shri Mataji's spoken words about ckakras and subtle energy system

These words by Shri Mataji form the basis for the subtle system diagram at the top of this page

21 channels within each of three Nadis

Chakras on head

Chakras on hands

Chakras on Feet

Vishuddhi - wrists and ankles, Nabhi - knees and elbows.